Application Function Product family Title LastUpdate DD/MM/YY
Communication Bit Banging STM32F100 ARM-CortexM3 Reading DHT11 sensor using 1-wire protocol and show the values on 2 Agilent digital displays using HC959. 28/10/2013
Communication Bit Banging ATmega328 Reading unique key from a prepaid card 31/10/2013
Display Timing PIC12F675 Watch project using ... 31/10/2013
Audio/Speech Transmission STM32F100 ARM-CortexM3 Simulate DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency) using 2 DACs and a Non Inverting ADDER based on OP-AMP. 31/10/2013
Testing Transmission STM32F100 ARM-CortexM3 Test the DMA / CPU speed of data transmission. DirectMemoryAccess wins. 31/10/2013
Testing I/O STM32F100 ARM-CortexM3 Assembly - Change LED state using a button 23/11/2013
Testing Storage STM32F100 ARM-CortexM3 Circular Buffer using STRUCT and pointers 23/11/2013
Communication Transmission ATmega328 Assembly - UART hardware initialization example 23/11/2013